The Man, The Myth, The Legend: Morgan Spurlock


Image Courtesy of: (The Washington Post)

“My body… officially hates me.”

                                                                       –Morgan Spurlock

Until the documentary Super Size Me, director Morgan Spurlock was still looking for his big break. Graduating from New York University in 1993 with a degree in film, Morgan Spurlock had a rough start to his career. Some of Spurlock’s early jobs included being a production assistant, notably ones such as Leon: The Professional (1994) and Kiss of Death (1995). Spurlock was having trouble making ends meet which led him to become a stand-up comic in California for a short time. His career as a comic didn’t last for long and eventually found himself homeless, finally hitting rock bottom.

Spurlock’s career really started with the TV series I Bet You Will (2002). Spurlock was the producer of this TV series that aired on MTV where random participants were “dared” to do stunts that were generally gross or embarrassing. If the participants were successful in completing their dare, they won a cash prize. With the success of this TV series, Spurlock has finally found a place for himself in the film industry, but it was not until 2003 until Spurlock had an idea that would change the way millions of Americans thought about fast food.

Spurlock was inspired to create a documentary about the true nature of the fast food industry while watching a news broadcast about two teenagers suing McDonald’s for causing them to become overweight. With the money remaining from I Bet You Will’s success, Spurlock his journey into the depths of the fast food fad. For one entire month, Spurlock was only to eat McDonald’s food. In addition to eating at the fast food giant for three meals a day, if any McDonald’s employee asked if he wanted his meal super-sized, Spurlock could not say no.

Spurlock’s documentary was appropriately named Super Size Me and debuted at the 2004 Sundance film festival. The documentary became a wild success in part for its shocking nature and in part for its raw take on the fast food industry. Spurlock’s documentary was nominated for the Grand Jury prize and won for Best Documentary Director at the Sundance film festival the same year of its debut. Since then, Super Size Me has been nominated and has won several other awards including ones such as the Documentary Screenplay Award (won, 2005) and an Oscar for Best Documentary (nominated, 2005).

by: Jake Pugsley



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