Morgan Spurlock: Before and After


Image Courtesy of (Revelation Now)

Morgan Spurlock Before and After 30 days of eating McDonald’s food.

The following graphs show the substantial impact that 30 continuous days of eating McDonald’s fast food had on the physical health of director and star of Super Size Me.


Before: 185.5   After: 210.5



Before: 168   After: 225


Blood Pressure

Before: 130/105   After: 150/90

Blood Pressure

Image Courtesy of (The American Heart Association)

Liver Enzymes

Before: SGOT – 21 SGPT -20   After: SGOT- 130 SGPT- 290


by: Jake Pugsley and Kailee Moore

Works Cited:

Supersize Me. Dir. Morgan Spurlock. Perf. Morgan Spurlock. Roadside Attractions, Samuel Goldwyn Films, Showtime

             Independent Films, 2004. DVD


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